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Digitally-enhanced Guest Experiences

SmartParks is a multi-channel digital platform that helps zoos, aquariums, museums, and theme parks provide modern digital guest experiences. It combines digital signage, PA speaker systems, and mobile apps into a centralized, easy-to-manage system to help your facility better track data and keep guests informed before, during, and after their visits.

Digital Signage

A suite of digital signage options including event schedules, maps with real-time data, restaurant menus, promotions, and more.

Mobile App

Provide your guests with a digital companion for their visit that includes dynamic wayfinding, real-time info, and supplemental content for all your exhibits and events. Fully themeable - get the look and functionality of a custom-developed mobile app without the cost or maintenance.

Smart PA Speakers

Our Smart PA Speakers are the most cost-effective and efficient way to distribute real-time information across a large area to a high volume of guests. They're weather-proof and wireless; making them perfect for implementation in large outdoor facilities. Based on your needs and current PA setup, we can recommend an integration that easily and seamlessly supplements your existing system.

Centrally Managed

The whole system is powered by a centralized web-based data management application that gives your employees the ability to keep track of the time and status of everything going on at your facility. Push real-time updates to the mobile apps, digital signage, and speakers from one place.

Built for Dynamic Environments

The SmartParks Platform was designed for large-scale, high-traffic facilities with dynamic data management and distribution needs. It's intended to be deployed on rugged hardware that can be deployed indoors or outdoors in public environments.

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We'd love to help you plan out your facility's digital future and enhance your guest experience.